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Produced at

Sikeston Little Theatre

through special licensing from

Dramatist Play Service

Cast List!!

The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 during the Salem witch trials. The play is a fictionalized version of the trials and tells the story of a group of young Salem women who falsely accuse other villagers of witchcraft. The accusations and ensuing trials push the village into a hysteria which results in the arrest of 200 villagers and the deaths of 19. These rumors are largely encouraged by Abigail, a 17-year-old girl, in order to frame Elizabeth Proctor as a witch, so that she can win over her husband John Proctor.


The play was written by American playwright Arthur Miller, who was wrongly accused of communism and un-American activities during McCarthyism in the 1950s. Miller wrote the play as an allegory, revealing the political and moral parallels between the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy trials of his own time.


This is a Tragedy style Drama for a cast ages 15 and up. There will also be 4 spots available for girls 10-14 years old.

Rated: PG-13


Director: Cody Smither

Cast List Announced: Sunday, Oct. 17th on

SLT Website and Facebook page
Read Thru: Monday, Nov. 15th @ 6:00



Friday, February 11th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, February 12th @ 7:00pm

Sunday, February 13th @ 2:00pm


Friday, February 18th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, February 19th @ 7:00pm

Sunday, February 20th @ 2:00pm

Tickets Go On Sale:

January 23rd, 2022 for Members

January 30th, 2022 for all others