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Shout OUT!!!

It has been brought to SLT's attention that we have some of the best and brightest, while they would never say anything themselves about being remarkable at everything they do, they might appreciate some recognition.


So for the unbelievable price of $25 you can purchase a SHOUT OUT!!!.  A SHOUT OUT!!! is a 1/8th page ad in the Playbill.  In an eighth of a page, say what you want (remember this is a family show) about your practically perfect person.  Other sizes/prices are available as well.  Credit/debit cards won't work on this one, but we will gladly take your checks or twenty dollar bills.

(You may upgrade to a larger ad if you wish.  Photos and images can only be used in 1/4 page and larger ads.)


1/8 page  $25

1/4 page  $50

1/2 page  $100

whole page  $200

Below is the link to the form for submitting a SHOUT OUT!!! and if you want to submit a picture instead of using one taken at the theatre then you can email it to the following email address however we will have a professional photographer taking photos. Please include the following information in the email and submit payment along with the form.


Your Name

Full Name of Actor

Phone Number



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