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The Dr.Thom award is given to a deserving High School student striving for the award in the same spirit, devotion, hard work and dedication backstage; doing whatever was needed. Dr. Thom always worked backstage or behind the scenes and never appeared on stage saying that the people behind the scenes were as important as those appearing on stage and contributed to the plays success. He believed that the responsibilities and leadership should pass from one generation to the next so that the Theatre would always be enthusiastic and vital.
The Sikeston Little Theatre Memorial Award is given to the College student in memory of those who helped to establish the principles and traditions of theatre in Sikeston and making outstanding contributions to Sikeston Little Theatre in all areas. It was started by Bill Grimsley.
The Silver Mask Award is given to individuals for dedication over many years which has contributed to the Theatres success. Their achievements included sets acting, designing, building stages, renovating old Malone Theatre and Activity Center, fund raising, just to name a few. Only 3 people have been awarded this award. Receiving the Silver Mask Award were, 45 yrs. Jim Terrell 2003, 25 yrs. Saundra Colley 2003 and 27 yrs. Lawrence "Bing" Limbaugh 1987. Of just these 3 who have received the award there is a combined total of 97 years of work, dedication and support.

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