As Long As We Both Shall Live

Produced at 

Sikeston Little Theatre

through special licensing from



Quirky genius Addison Ashe has finally met a man who can keep up with her -- the wealthy and charming Jamie Wilcox. But marrying Jamie means wrangling with his disapproving mother, as well as her favorite over-the-top wedding planner, Raul. When Raul is poisoned at the rehearsal dinner, tensions between the clever bride and her mother-in-law to be go from heated to full-on inferno when Mrs. Wilcox points to Addison as the killer. Can Addison solve the case before sashaying down the aisle, or is she in for a honeymoon behind bars?


Tickets Go On Sale:

September 27, 2020 for Members

October 4, 2020 for all others

Show Dates

Friday October 16 at 7pm 


Saturday October 17 at 7pm 


Sunday October 18 at 2pm


Friday October 23 at 7pm 

Saturday October 24 at 7pm 

Sunday October 25 at 2pm

Production Team

Directed by

Hilary Borton

Assistant Direction by

Ben Chessor